About Auto Forecast

Here's why I started Auto Forecast and what we're planning.


Automotive Enthusiast & Founder

Since I was a kid I've loved cars. I even slept with a toy matchbox car instead of a teddy bear at one point. As I grew so did my passion and excitement for automobiles. With that passion, I obsessively sought out as much automotive info as I could find. Even though I couldn't afford an automobile or even drive one at the time, I still looked up listings, prices, specs, configured them online, etc. After I graduated college, I got my first corporate job at an Insurance company where I handled millions of dollars worth of vehicle claims. Working in that industry I saw that many people made poor choices when it came to the vehicles they bought, whether it was new or used. Nearly everyone whose vehicle was totaled due to an accident was underwater. Meaning the vehicle was worth far less than what they paid for it before the accident. Once I saw someone who had a loan 5 times what the vehicle was worth! I started Auto Forecast because that is one of the many things I want to change. The auto market is so big and complex, it's easy to get ripped off in a million different ways. I want to help educate people so they can find and buy the right vehicles that will save people money, be a joy to own or maybe even an investment!


Guidance, Knowledge & Savings 
  1. Our #1. goal is to provide the average consumer with the same expertise and knowledge of an automotive enthusiast. We also want to be a guide for automotive enthusiasts who want to stay up to date and expand their knowledge of automobiles and the automotive market. 

  2. We want to steer consumers away from overpriced new vehicles and towards the right second-hand vehicles in order to save them time and money. Check out the how it works page for more info.

  3. Buying automobiles is only a small part of the entire automotive market. Over time we want to expand our services throughout other areas of the automotive market to help the automotive consumers buy, maintain, insurance, and modify their vehicles. We believe there will be a market shift once we have our influence on the average consumer. 

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